Sustainable development

Rohhe – for sustainable development and a better tomorrow

For the sake of the Earth – our common home – we have established sustainability as the foundation of our business. We produce energy-efficient insulation materials because reason and heart tell us so. We believe that the path to harmony with the environment requires full respect for nature and natural resources, that is, daily conscious action in this direction.
Therefore, we decided to specialize in the production of energy-efficient insulation materials which are an innovative solution for saving civilization’s most precious resource – energy.

In our view, life is energy! Hence Rohhe’s slogan: “Energy to live” In this way, we want to emphasize that energy is not only a prerequisitefor human survival, but also a key element in the operation of our company. Through our conscious choices, actions and the products themselves, we constantly and consistently strive to balance human needs with environmental protection. We believe wholeheartedly in the sense of saving energy. Caring for our planet is an integral part of our heritage and a commitment to future generations.


ISO 14001

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001:2015 system plays a key role in Rohhe’s Integrated Management System.
This system is characterized by an integrated approach, making the structure and functioning of the company a cohesive unity, constantly perfected in an ongoing learning process for both the company and its employees.
We are implementing the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard through focused activities that include identifying and complying with environmental regulations and principles. In addition, we continuously support raising environmental awareness and promoting environmental attitudes among both employees and cooperating entities. We take care to control and minimize the negative impact of our activities with effective preventive measures. We optimize the use of packaging, and systematic environmental measurements are an integral part of our practices, ensuring effective monitoring of our environmental performance. We are actively involved in reducing the amount of waste generated and ensure its proper segregation, facilitating the subsequent recycling process.


We turn 95% of waste into product

Rohhe turns raw material waste into profits. By processing the residual raw material after the production process into special thermal insulation pellets, we use as much as 95% of our waste. We use pellets to insulate buildings, reducing the energy demand for heating. Pure profit instead of loss.


Renewable energy

Rohhe creates environmentally friendly products with the smallest possible carbon footprint. This is made possible by using only certified renewable energy in the production process. Responsibility is our duty.

Wood management

Rohhe consciously reduces deforestation through optimal wood management. We reuse all the wooden pallets on which our production raw materials are delivered to build the pallets on which we deliver Rohhe products. Recycling is our strong point.