Rohhe – an idea woven from dreams

ROHHE is a reality constructed by a group of enthusiasts. Drawing on our two decades of experience and success in the market of solutions enabling saving the most scarce and desired factor of civilization’s development – ENERGY – the force determining survival, we have created a company guided by our expert knowledge, fuelled by our skills, and ethically managed by fair principles. A company where the vision is a program of action, meticulously implemented in our daily practice.



We have created a system in which the structure and functioning form a cohesive unity, perfected in an ongoing learning process for both the company and its individual employees. Hence, our energy protection systems meet the most stringent European standards, defining quality benchmarks in our market. This is possible thanks to specially developed technological lines, the masterful skills of the entire team, and a unique management system. ROHHE embodies a deliberate synergy of WILL, ABILITY, and KNOWLEDGE.




ROHHE is the synergy of internal structure and harmonious functioning of the company. It is the result of individual customer expectations and our readiness to meet them in the full range of product, quantity and quality needs for each project we undertake. ROHHE’S harmony is our pride, enthusiasm and belief that it matters what we do and how we do it. Therefore, doing well is not enough for us. We do our best.




New product r.Fast® – thermal insulation board.

New products r.Flame® and r.Burn® – chimney liners.

New production – automatic line for r.Fast® thermal insulation boards.

New production – automatic line for r.Noise® T and r.Silent® T acoustic inserts.

Production expansion – new line modules for r.Flow® lamella mats.

New Warehouses – commissioning of the second and third warehouse halls.

Title “Diamonds of the Polish Economy”.

Distinction “Highly recommended company” and “Reliable business partner”.


New production – automatic line for r.Whiz® T and r.Whiz® V acoustic boards.

Production expansion – new production modules for r.Heat® laggings.

“Teraz Polska” emblem for r.Flow® lamella mats and r.Heat® laggings.

Title “Business Gazelles”.


Golden Customer’s Laurel Awards in the Responsible Brand category.


New product r.Profi® – high-parameter thermal insulation board.

New product r.Heat® N – mineral wool lagging without cladding.

Achievement of using 95% of waste raw material, which is mineral wool.

Environmentally-friendly recovery and processing of wooden pallets – launch of the process.

Golden Customer’s Laurel Award in the category of Innovative Technologies in the Construction Industry.


ISO 14001:2015 – implementation of the Environmental Management System.

ISO 9001:2015 – implementation of the Quality Management System.

MED Certification – Production Quality Certificate – Module D.

New products r.Ocean® – complete group of products for the marine market.

New production – automatic r.Fly® pellet plant.

Production expansion – new production modules for r.Heat® laggings.

New Warehouse – commissioning of the first dedicated warehouse hall.

Transition to 100% renewable energy.

Golden Customer’s Laurel Award in the category of Quality and Innovation in the Construction Industry.


New products r.Whiz® T and r.Whiz® V – acoustic soundproofing boards.

New product r.Spiro® A – ventilation lagging.

New product r.Shape® – thermal insulation fitting.



Modular production technology for r.Heat® A laggings.

New products r.Noise® T and r.Silent® T – acoustic soundproofing inserts.

New product r.Force® A – high-parameter lamella mat.



Launch of automatic production line for r.Flow® lamella mats.

First sale – deliveries to the Polish market and export markets.

SAP Business One – implementation of the advanced ERP class information system

CPR – System 1 – Implementation of the Company Quality System



Construction of the headquarters – building and providing equipment for the office and production and storage hall.

Organization of the company – completing the first production and office team.