Mineral wool pipe lagging „spiro”

r.Spiro A

r.Spiro® A is a mineral wool lagging covered with a cladding of reinforced aluminium foil. The mineral wool has a longitudinal arrangement of fibers, giving the product rigidity and optimal thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. Thanks to its design and the materials used, the product exhibits an optimal ratio of weight to mechanical strength. A single r.Spiro® A lagging consists of two identical elements connected with a wide, self-adhesive closing tab.


r. Spiro® A designed for thermal, anti-condensation and acoustic insulation of circular ventilation ducts built on the basis of “spiro” pipes. The size range of the lagging corresponds to the typical diameters of “spiro” pipes.

The installation of r. Spiro® A laggings consists in assembling two elements, prepared to the size of the insulated pipe and elements. The two elements are then connected thanks to a wide self-adhesive tab. Such installation of r. Spiro® A is fast, reliable and simple and the insulated system works optimally, looks clean and neat.

  • Product structure

  • Insulation of the circular ventilation duct

Advantages of using r.Spiro® A

The installation of r. Spiro® A is so efficient and simple that, compared to installation based on traditional products, the time required to insulate the same section is even several times shorter. This contributes to a dramatic reduction in labour costs.

Technical information

Value of the declared thermal conductivity coefficient (Lambda D) at selected average temperatures

Change the thermal conductivity according to the avarage temperature


Cardboards of r. Spiro® A laggings are stacked vertically on a wooden pallet (0,8 x 1,2 m) in two layers. Depending on the size of the product, the pallet holds 12 cardboards (0.4×0.4 m) or 8 cardboards (0.6×0.4 m).  The whole is secured from the top with an auxiliary LDPE hood and additionally wrapped with stretch film. Such a way of packing effectively protects the product from damage during transport and during storage operations. It also allows safe stacking of factory-protected pallets in two layers.

All r. Spiro® A laggings are packed in cardboard. For smaller sizes a cardboard of 0.4 x 0.4 x 1.2 m is used, for larger sizes a cardboard of 0.6 x 0.4 x 1.2 m is used. Each cardboard has two special, perforated, tear-off windows giving convenient access to its contents. Opening the windows does not affect the structure of the side walls of the cardboard. Handles are cut to facilitate the transport of individual packages on the sides of the cardboard. The cardboard solidly protects the product from dirt and mechanical damage.