Semi-rigid mineral wool moulding without facing

r.Shape N

r.Shape® is a semi-rigid mineral wool moulding without facing. The mineral wool used has excellent mechanical and soundproofing features and high temperature resistance (up to 250 °C). The layout of the mineral wool fibres and the density, which is adapted to dedicated purposes, translate into flexibility of the product while maintaining thermal insulation, mechanical and damping features.


r.Shape® board is designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of vertical and horizontal components of technical installations, for which flexibility and insulation stability are required. Typical applications include the insulation of steel components, e.g. inspection doors, technical equipment, insulation of components with curved surfaces, e.g. tank walls and the sealing of expansion joints between sandwich slabs.


The product is packed horizontally on a pallet. In addition, the packed pallet is wrapped in stretch foil. This way of packing effectively protects the product from damage and soiling during transport and storage operations.
Thickness: 10-250 mm, Format: upon request