Family of products dedicated to the Marine and Offshore market


r.Ocean® is a family of products dedicated to the Marine and Offshore market. The product range includes products that come in various forms, having different densities of mineral wool used, and in variants with or without cladding. Depending on the end use, the products take the following form:

  • lamella mat – Ocean® LA
  • insulation lagging – Ocean® PA, r.Ocean® PN
  • insulation board – Ocean® BA, r.Ocean® BN
  • classic mat –Ocean® MA
  • fitting –Ocean® SA

With such a wide range of products, it is possible to insulate most typical installations and technical equipment found on ships and offshore facilities. Each of the r.Ocean® products meets the IMO requirements specified in the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU (MED) and, with regard to fire protection, those specified in the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1397. Detailed properties and parameters are confirmed by the relevant certificates and approvals.

Documents and Classifications

r.Ocean LA

r.Ocean PA

r.Ocean BA

r.Ocean PN

r.Ocean BN

r.Ocean MA

r.Ocean SA