High-parameter mineral wool lamella mat covered with a lining of reinforced aluminium foil

r.Force A

r.Force® A is a high-parameter mineral wool lamella mat covered with a lining of reinforced aluminium foil. The mineral wool is characterized by increased density and perpendicular (lamellar) arrangement of fibers, thanks to which the product achieves high mechanical compressive strength while maintaining adequate elasticity and weight. r.Force® A also has excellent thermal and soundproofing properties, as well as very high temperature resistance (up to 600 °C). The aluminium cladding reinforced with fiberglass mesh provides a barrier to moisture penetration, provides stable support for the mounting system and additional rigid exterior cladding.


r.Force® A lamella mat is designed for thermal, anti-condensation and acoustic insulation of ventilation systems. Two typical applications are insulation of steel ventilation and air conditioning ducts in industrial installations and insulation of ducts located outside the building. Thanks to its properties r.Force® A is also used in other applications requiring increased mechanical performance, for example, wherever there is a need to install an additional rigid outer cladding (sheet metal). Installation is carried out using a typical fastening system (pin, clamping plate, cap, tape, band).


r.Force® A is in the form of an uncompressed mat rolled into a roll. Each roll is packed in a sealed LDPE bag. Closure of the bag with a factory weld guarantees full protection against moisture. 25 r.Force® A rolls are stacked on a wooden pallet (2,4 x 1,0 m) in three layers. The two bottom layers are 20 rolls stacked vertically, and resting on them are 5 more rolls stacked horizontally. The whole is secured from the top with a durable LDPE hood and additionally wrapped with stretch film. Such a method of packaging effectively protects the product from damage during transport and during storage operations. It also allows safe outdoor storage in any weather conditions.

Thickness: 20-100 mm, Width: 1 m, Length: 2,5-12 m