Mineral wool granulate

r.Fly 5

Mineral wool granulate r.Fly® 5 is used for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation by dry blowing directly on the construction site (in situ). The applied granulation technology ensures optimal thermal insulation properties, high application efficiency and stability of parameters during the entire period of use.


Granulate r.Fly® 5 is used as a non-flammable and non-water absorbing insulating layer. Insulation with r.Fly® 5 granulate is performed directly on site. The granulate is delivered to the construction site in sealed bags. It is blown with the help of a special bulk aggregate that produces a strong air stream. The granulate is poured into the unit and, after mixing, is pumped by a pipe connected to the unit. The operator holding the cable directs the granulate flow to the insulated building partition. Typical surfaces insulated with this method include: horizontal non-habitable attic spaces (e.g. floor on joists), ventilated flat roofs, inclined usable attic spaces, ceilings between floors, three-layer walls, skeleton walls and elements of technical equipment. Depending on the type of the insulated partition, the granulate is blown by the worker from the outside through the existing or made openings in the partition (e.g. ventilated flat roof) or from the inside after the worker enters the partition (e.g. unused attic). The appropriate layer of granulate plays the role of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation in all types of facilities, such as: residential, hotel, office, industrial, sports, healthcare and food processing.

Packaging method

The product is packed in sealed bags made of durable LDPE. The bags used and closed with a machine weld, reliably protect the granulate against moisture. The bags are placed horizontally on a pallet in 11 layers. From the top, the pallet is secured with a protective hood and additionally wrapped in stretch foil. This method of packaging effectively protects the product against damage during transport and during storage operations.

Bag Weight: 15 kg

Bag Dimensions:  40 x 22 x 80 mm

Pallet Weight: 990 kg

Pallet Dimensions:  1,6 x 1,2 m, h – 2,6 m