Lamella mat made of mineral wool

r.Flow A

r.FlowA is a lamella mineral wool mat covered with reinforced aluminum foil. The mineral wool used has fibers perpendicular to the insulated surface (lamellar system).


is designed for thermal, anti-condensation and acoustic insulation for ventilation and air conditioning ducts. This product is also used for insulation of heating systems.

  • Product structure

  • Round ventilation duct

  • Rectangular ventilation duct

Advantages of lamella fiber system

r.FlowA has lamella system of mineral wool fiber because of that the thickness of insulation remains constant all over the surface. This is especially important in corners and bends of isolated elements. Thanks to its construction, r.Flow  A is resistant to squeezing, thus maintaining excellent flexibility and consistency.

  • Lamella mat - perpendicular fibers

  • Traditional mat - parallet fibers

Technical information

The value of declared thermal conductivity Lambda D at selected mean temperatures

Change the thermal conductivity according to the avarage temperature

Packing method


has the form of uncompressed rolled mat. Every roll is packed in a leak-proof LDPE bag. The bag is sealed, which guarantees full protection against moisture.

25 r.Flow   A rolls are arranged on a wooden pallet (2.4 x 1.0 m) in three layers. Two bottom layers consist of 20 rolls arranged vertically. 5 rolls top the pallet. It all is from top to bottom secured with two durable LDPE capes and additional wrappers stretch foil. Such a way of packaging effectively protects the product from damage during transportation and during storage operations. It also enables safe storage outdoors in all weather conditions.

Dimensions and quantities