Accordion-style mineral wool insulation liner reinforced with fiberglass veil

r.Flame V

r.Flame® V is an accordion-style mineral wool insulation liner reinforced with fiberglass veil. The high-density wool is characterized by very high resistance to long-term temperature loads. It also has adequate thermal insulation, mechanical and soundproofing properties. The special reinforced fiberglass veil plays the role of strengthening the structure and solidity of the product. A single r.Flame® V liner consists of one or two elements forming a circular lagging. The round shape is achieved thanks to triangular transverse cuts (accordion arrangement). This design of the product makes it resistant to compression in thickness and at the same time flexible in length.


r.Flame® V is designed for thermal insulation of ceramic chimney systems. The product is installed between the flue pipe and the external structural element of the chimney. The dimensions of the product and the number of elements in one layer are designed for individual requirements of the customer’s chimney system. The installation of r.Flame® V is carried out by bending the product into a lagging and sliding it between the ceramic elements of the chimney system. Such a process is fast and efficient, and guarantees a mechanically stable structure. The use of non-flammable materials, the design of the product and the dimensions adapted to the specific type of chimney, increase the safety of the operation of the entire chimney system, while guaranteeing many years of trouble-free operation of the system.


r.Flame® V liners are packed in the form of packages protected by durable LDPE film. The packaging is tightly sealed thanks to factory welded seams. The packages are horizontally stacked on a pallet in several layers. The packed pallet is additionally wrapped with stretch film. The dimensions of the parcels and the pallets, as well as the arrangement of the packaging itself, are implemented according to the individual guidelines of the customer. Such a method of packaging effectively protects the product from damage during transport and storage operations.