Semi-rigid mineral wool board covered with a cladding of reinforced aluminium foil

r.Fast A

r.Fast® A5 is a semi-rigid mineral wool board covered with a cladding of reinforced aluminium foil. The mineral wool has excellent thermal, mechanical and soundproofing properties, as well as high temperature resistance (up to 250 °C). The arrangement of mineral wool fibers and density adapted to dedicated applications translate into the flexibility of the product while maintaining thermal insulation, mechanical and soundproofing properties. The aluminium cladding reinforced with fiberglass mesh provides a barrier to moisture penetration, gives stable support to the fastening system, while ensuring high aesthetics of the completed installation.


r.Fast® A5 board is designed for thermal, anti-condensation and acoustic insulation of vertical and horizontal elements of technical and building installations. A typical application is the insulation of steel ventilation and air conditioning ducts. Installation is carried out using a typical fastening system (pin, clamping plate, cap, tape, band).


The product is packed in the form of parcels (1,2×0,6×0,3m) wrapped in heavy-duty tightly shrink-wrapped LDPE film. The packages are horizontally stacked on a pallet (1.2×1.0m) in 8 layers. In addition, the packed pallet is wrapped in stretch film. Such a way of packing effectively protects the product from damage and dirt during transport and during storage operations.

Thickness: 20-150 mm, Format: 1200X600 mm