Segmented mineral wool insulation liner

r.Burn N

r.Burn® N is a segmented mineral wool insulation liner. The high-density wool is characterized by very high temperature resistance (up to 700 °C), while maintaining excellent thermal, mechanical and soundproofing properties. The structure, chemical composition and fiber arrangement of the wool translate into exceptional resistance to long-term temperature loads of the product. A single r.Burn® N liner consists of three or four identical, overlapped segments forming a circular lagging. This way of constructing the product ensures reliable and stable operation without the risk of thermal bridges.


r.Burn® N is designed for thermal insulation of steel chimney systems. The product is mounted between the flue pipe and the outer pipe. The dimensions of the product, the number of segments and the way they are connected are designed for individual requirements of the customer’s chimney system. The installation of r.Burn® N is carried out by bending the segments into the form of a lagging and sliding it between the pipes of the chimney system. Such a process is fast and efficient, and guarantees a mechanically stable structure. Precise, system-dedicated dimensions of the liner make it unnecessary to use additional elements to stabilize the inner and outer pipe of the chimney system, while ensuring the tightness of the liner’s lateral and frontal connections.


All r.Burn® N liners are packed in cardboard of 0,4 x 0,4 x 1,2 m. Each cardboard has two special, perforated, tear-off windows giving convenient access to its contents. Opening the windows does not affect the structure of the cardboard’s side walls. To facilitate the transport of individual packages, handles are cut on the sides of the cardboard. The cardboard solidly protects the product from dirt and mechanical damage. Cardboards used for r.Burn® N are stacked vertically on a wooden pallet (0.8 x 1.2 m) in two layers. The pallet holds 12 cardboards. The whole is additionally wrapped in stretch film. Such a method of packaging effectively protects the product from damage during transport and during storage operations. It also allows safe stacking of factory-protected pallets in two layers.

Range of chimney diameters: 80-1000 mm, Length: 900-1200 mm, Density: 100-120 kg/m³.

(other dimensions or densities are also possible)