Rohhe – Energy of Quality

Many, in very different categories dream of a place on the podium… Rohhe has just received the Golden Customer’s Laurel Award for the fourth time. This is a huge reason for pride and satisfaction. Our consistent work has brought the desired result. We are very grateful that for another year in a row you have recognized us and distinguished us once again by awarding us the highest recognition, this time in the “Highest Quality Products and Services” category.

For a manufacturing company, product quality is a key area. Caring about quality is a fundamental part of our organizational culture. Every day we act with genuine concern for natural resources by offering energy-saving products of the highest quality, while caring for the environment in accordance with the implemented ISO 14001 system. However, we would like to emphasize that running a company responsibly is one thing, but without informed customers, we could not be so successful. It is the wise customers who choose Rohhe products that meet the strictest European standards allowing us to act every day in accordance with our slogan “Energy to live” and bring us closer to achieving our next goals. Thank you because it is extremely motivating that we manage to work together to create a corporate culture that equally serves all involved: customers, employees, stakeholders, but also the environment and the market.

You can be sure that we will not rest on our laurels. Care for the quality with respect for the environment is our “modus operandi”, and the level of trust and satisfaction of our customers is the measure of our efforts. This is how we see our role in business. This is the style in which we want to continue to define quality standards in the market. We are pleased that over the years you have recognized our efforts and rewarded our commitment by supporting our management style. We will endlessly and persistently strive for perfection, giving example and resiliently working for the future which we believe we are all co-creating with our daily responsible decisions. We thank you that we can continue to be enthusiastic and convinced that what we do and how we do it matters not only to ourselves.